Larry's MGA Photos - Chassis

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Powder Coated - Ready to Start
Brake Union First Part Installed
Fuel Pump Installed
Initial Install of Rear Wiring
Fuel/Brake Lines & Wiring Install
Rear End Install In Process
Rear End Bolted In
Rear Shocks Added
Rear End Side View
Battery In - Not Connected
Right Frt Suspension
Front Suspension
Trial Fit of Floorboards
Beginning Engine Drop
Engine Drop Progressing
Engine Drop - Closer Yet
Engine Drop - Almost In
Engine Drop - Another View
Engine Drop - Finally In
Floorboards with Tunnel In
Fuel Tank In
1st Start Engine Setup
1st Engine Start - Frt View
Engine Running! - Note Oil Press
Final Floorboard Fit Pre-Finish
Seats Again
Floorboards Coated & Drying
Floorboards - Final Install
Muffler in Place
Chassis Finished
Chassis - Enroute to Body Drop