September, 2004


January 13, 2008

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The body was brought home on a small trailer. It stayed on that for quite a while and is visible in most of the pictures below. There was little disassembly to do - just removing the front fenders. Notice that there was very little paint on the body, just an accumulation of rust from all the years it sat. The radiator duct panel and areas under the fenders still had paint on them. You can see both white and red although the car number indicated it had originally been black. That was found in a few places, but wasn't too obvious.

Most of the remainder of the car was brought home in boxes over the first few weeks. There were also parts from a parts car, but the only body parts remaining were the doors, hood, and trunk. Most of the parts car parts were not in good shape.

There was a fair amount of damage along the rockers, but I've seen worse. The front end had also been damaged at some point. The radiator duct had a large bend in the middle of it and the front end on both sides of it had creases.  

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