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January 13, 2008

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This turned out to be difficult, at least for me. I bought new rubber to surround the glass and I replaced all the fasteners. I tried to reuse the original glass and just couldn't get it to fit right. I eventually managed to break an edge of the old glass. It probably wouldn't have been visible when finished, but it bothered me.

I then bought a new glass along with new rubber to surround it since it was thinner. I didn't like the way the glass fit in the frame with the thinner rubber, but I couldn't make the thicker one fit. I ended up sticking with the thinner one, but am still not happy with the way the frame went together. The frame edges just don't fit well together, but you do have to look close to see the problems.

Other notes:

  • The frame is original, but was re-chromed
  • I bought new tapping plates because the old ones were in very bad condition
  • I ended up buying a second set of fasteners because I stripped several bolts trying to get the frame together the first time.
  • The grab handles were replaced - cheaper than re-chroming the old oned
  • The pads underneath the grab handles were purchased new

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