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January 13, 2008

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I was able to reuse just about everything on the suspension. I did purchase a new front hub. The serrations for the wire wheel on the old one was just too far gone. I also purchased new bearings all around. I did have everying I could powder coated to try to protect the surface. I used POR-15 to cover the rear axle assembly and the individual leaf springs.

Many of the brake system parts were replaced. All the wheel cylinders were replaced with new reproductions. New brake lines for the entire vehicle were purchased. New brake shoes had been purchased by the previous owner. I reused all the brake drums although I had the exterior of them powder coated. I also reused the master cylinder, but rebuilt it with all new internal rubber parts. I also painted the exterior of it black although that's not original.

The hand brake and those components were mostly reused although I had the lever rechromed and replaced many of the parts internal to the lever itself. There are no photos of the hand brake here.

It took quite a while to get the brake system bled after it was installed on the vehicle along with the new lines. I've made a few minor adjustments in pedal travel since but the brakes seem to be working OK. I did have a minor leak show up after a few hundred miles. The banjo bolt that holds the union to the left rear wheel cylinder needed to be tightened. Only the left side was leaking, but the right side seemed a little loose and I tightened it, too. Since then, I've had no problems. Likewise, the suspension seems OK. I've driven it on quite a few different roads and haven't noted any problems with it. I would like to put a front sway bar on it some day, though.

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