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January 13, 2008

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Installation of the top and the tonneau went fairly quickly. I'd learned how to install the Lift-the-Dot fasteners from the carpet installation so I didn't have to learn that. The only tricky part was I left the top in place when I installed all the lift-the-dots while I had removed the carpet for each of the fasteners. That meant installing the fasteners in such a way as to avoid damaging the finish of the car. By being careful, it went fine. The finished top looked OK, but it had a couple of wrinkles that I wasn't happy with. They weren't too bad and with some time, getting wet, drying, etc., I don't even notice them anymore.

The tonneau went on really easy. I installed these lift-the-dot fasteners off the body which is easier since you don't have to worry about messing up the body as you try to install them. I would put the tonneau on the car, mark the fastener location, take it off to install the fastener and then repeat. It went pretty quick. The studs along the dash were all single instead of the flanged studs with two fasteners that they're supposed to be. I left them alone to retain some of the history of the car. In addition, for some reason, the body had holes for four lift-the-dot studs near the mirror - most cars have only two, one on each side of the mirror. I decided to leave them there, put studs in them, and just install a couple of extra lift-the-dot fasteners in the tonneau. But as I installed the tonneau, I realized the fasteners would end up on the seams near the edges of the zipper so I elected to leave them out. So now there are two extras studs near the mirror that are never used. It's not really noticeable when the tonneau is in place.  

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