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January 13, 2008

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The dash was painted by the "body guy". As you can see, it's painted black, the same color as the car exterior. There is some confusion on my part as to what color the dash is supposed to be on a black car. I know that normally the dash is the same color as the car exterior. However, on black cars, Clausager's book states that it should be the same color as the interior trim on 1500 and 1600 roadsters. I've seen other reports that this was the case only on 1600 vehicles. In any case, mine was painted body color before I even knew of this exception with black cars. I'm happy with the way it looks and most other black MGA's I've seen also have black dashes. I have a second dash and I'm tempted to have it painted red just to see what it would look like - maybe in the future.

Here's some details on some of the parts in the dash:

  • Horn knob was painted flat black (not sure if that's correct)
  • Heater "panel" is new
  • All knobs were replaced with new reproductions
  • Oil Press/Temp Gauge was rebuilt (by MO-MA) due to broken capillary tube.
  • Chrome rings around all gages were replaced by new reproductions
  • All switches are original except the Windscreen Washer
  • The map lamp cover was re-chromed
  • The turn signal jewel was replaced
  • Dash wiring was replaced with new reproduction
  • Speedo, Tach, Starter, & Choke Cables are new reproductions
  • The speedometer failed at just over 100 miles and was rebuilt (& re-calibrated) by MO-MA.
  • The trip odo began counting 10 miles for every 6 traveled on our first major trip. I took the speedometer apart and managed to fix it myself by making some small bends in the internal tabs. At this point it continues to function properly.
  • The tachometer failed on our 2009 Key West trip. I ended up replacing it with one from the parts car.
  • All bulbs were replaced
  • Some fasteners are new

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