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January 13, 2008

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The engine and all its components were completely disassembled when I first saw it. The block had been cleaned up (hard to tell from the first picture below) and the head had been rebuilt. The crankshaft had been ground .020" over on the mains. Most parts were found in the barn including new rings, bearings, & gaskets. The only major part I had to find was the front tappet cover which I eventually found on ebay. There were also new oil and air filters that had been purchased 20 years ago, but I decided to replace both with more modern parts. My main new purchases were various fasteners, new ignition parts, and carburetor parts.

As a result, it was really just a case of clean the parts up, paint as needed, and assemble.

The transmission was intact and had already been rebuilt by the previous owner. I did have to install the clutch slave cylinder, along with the new throw out bearing. Other than that, it was just a matter of bolting it to the engine. As a result, I paid little attention to the transmission and it wasn't until I'd taken a few drives in the car that I noticed the transmission continually leaking oil. It turns out there's an oil seal in the rear where the drive shaft connects that was missing but I had no idea. Once replaced, the oil stayed where it belonged.

The only other engine/trans problem I later had was that the water pump started leaking after about 100 miles although it may have been right from the beginning since the radiator draincock was leaking, too, and it masked the leak I was getting from the water pump. I found another water pump and, so far so good, but I'd like to get the original one rebuilt.

I've also purchased an oil cooler and plan to install that soon.

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