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This web site is intended primarily as a photographic documentation of the restoration of my 1958 MGA.  This 1958 MGA was purchased in August, 2004. It was literally a basket case. The vehicle had been disassembled in about 1985 with the intention of being restored. To complicate things, there were parts from many other British cars in the barn. It turns out that the son of the individual I purchased it from repaired British cars to make a little extra money so he had parts from other cars he had acquired. My purchase price included not only the MGA and all its parts, but all the other parts, too. I spent about the first six months figuring out what I had, what belonged, what didn't and so on.

I tried to do as much of the work as I could myself. I learned the basics of welding by taking Carl Heideman's MGA Restoration course at Eclectic Motorworks. However, I learned that my welds were not going to be pretty enough to be on the outside of the finished car. So I did end up farming out the exterior body work and the painting to someone I found locally. I've been very happy with the results.

I began taking short trips in the fall of 2007 with the interior, carpeting, top, tonneau, & side curtains yet to be finished. All but the side curtains were completed by January, 2008. The photo at the upper right of this page was taken at that time. The side curtains were completed in April, 2008, making for a total restoration time of 3 years and 8 months. So take a look if you're interested by clicking on a link above or on a picture below. I'll warn you that I didn't take as many pictures as you might hope for in many areas, because I probably just wasn't thinking about pictures at the time.  


Model:   Roadster 1500        
Car Number:   HDA43 36795         Body Number:    47207
Original Exterior Color:   Black (which I retained)       Original Interior Color:   Red (which I also retained)
Original Date of Build:   23-26 August 1957       Dispatched to USA:   2 Sept 1957
Options:   Wire Wheels, Heater, Adjustable Steering Column, Windscreen Washer

Changes:   This car was originally equipped with a 1500 engine, of course. However, it had a 3-main 1800 engine when I purchased it which I've kept. I also changed the rear end from the original 4.3 to an early MGB 3.9 rear end.


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